The Eyelash Curler
that molds the entire lash

(instead of just crimping the base).

The C Curl is different

  • Gently molds the entire lash from base to tip. (making your curl last longer).
  • Curls only the tip of the outer lashes for a swoop (instead of an ‘L’).
  • A harsh crimp weakens lashes. Our C-shaped pad gently distributes pressure over the whole lash.

Our Best-Selling Mascara for a reason.

Buildable, fluttery hold that WILL NOT CLUMP. And just the right amount of fibers to add length (without a spidery effect).

What They Say About Us

I did my first eye, removed the curler and said, "HOLY SHIT!!!" out loud to myself. Haha. Thanks for a GREAT product.

Lynn P

Just got one! My lashes have never stayed curled for this long. It’s been over 24 hours and they haven’t dropped.

Kristen K

I will never stop using this.

Rain C

My eyelashes are literally PIN STRAIGHT. Not anymore!

Tina D

Game changer!

Annie C

My lashes literally curl backwards.

Sarah T

I am literally in love with your curler.

Nadia S

Just want to say OMG! My lashes have stayed curled all day. I’m gonna purchase another
for my mum’s birthday in April!

Lauren H

Toss your old eyelash curlers. The C Curl is the BEST!


How To Use:

  • Use the eyelash curl comb (or your fingers) to rake your lashes toward your nose so that they are separated and standing up.
  • Close the curler on your lashes. Hold with light to medium pressure - do not clamp down. Hold for 8-10 seconds.
  • For longer lashes, move the curler halfway up your lash and as you close it, tip backwards toward your face to curl the tips into a 'C'. Lightly hold for 3 seconds.
  • Apply Lasting Curl Mascara or Colossal Curl Mascara to lashes for superior hold!

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