Meet the Founder

I was on an airplane headed for QVC to sell my skincare line, HAND MD, on live TV when it happened. My eyes started to swell and sting like wildfire. I banged into the airplane bathroom to discover I was having a massive allergic reaction to the glue of my eyelash extensions. This was problematic on a couple levels: I LOVED these lashes that lasted 3 weeks and allowed me to wake up looking like I had slid out of a makeup chair. I also was a bit panicky about how the QVC makeup artist would manage to cover up the blisters spanning both my eyelids.
With fake eyelashes off the table, I wondered why eyelash curlers don’t give us that dramatic, backwards C-curl like fake eyelashes? That gorgeous, swoopy swoop that opens up our eyes and makes us look bright and awake. So, I started the year plus endeavor of inventing one and am thrilled to say: “I got the swoop”. I hope that you love it as much as I do.