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The C Curl

Colossal Curl Mascara

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Big Lashes + Big Curl



Why we want it:

Um, it’s colossal that’s why. Our gravity-defying, mega-curl formula reveals longer, fuller, thicker-looking lashes with just one coat. Oh, you like crazy drama?! Add a second coat for lashes that appear multiplied x100.

What’s so special about the brush?

The XL brush delivers XL lashes. Designed for high-intensity pigment, colossal curl, and a boat-load more length than you had a second ago.

How it fortifies your lashes to prevent damage and breakage:

Moisturizing jojobo oil prevents dryness that leads to lash loss, while lanolin locks in that moisture to prevent the lashes from becoming brittle. Provides all-day superior hold of your C Curl. Conditioning, Lengthening, Smudge Resistant, Fragrance-Free, Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free, Vegan

Size: 0.46 fl oz / 13.6 ml

How to Use

  • Use The C Curl to curl your lashes.
  • The mascara tube opening is designed to remove excess mascara from the brush. If you'd like less mascara on the brush, swiftly remove the brush from the tube for a lighter coat.
  • Nestle the brush into the base of lashes and glide upwards to the very tip.
  • Apply another coat for intense, thick, multidimensional lashes.
  • Be ready to answer, “Why, yes. They are my real lashes."


Isoparafinic, Bee Wax, Microcrystalline Wax, Natural Oils (Mamey's Bone, Albila, Jojoba and Wheat Germ), Aluminum Stearate, Iron Oxides, Lanoline, Kajal, Nipasol, Butilholidrothol.

    How to Use
    1. Use the eyelash curl comb (or your fingers) to rake your lashes toward your nose so that they are separated and standing up.
    2. Close the curler on your lashes. Hold with light to medium pressure - do not clamp down. Hold for 8-10 seconds.
    3. For longer lashes, move the curler halfway up your lash and as you close it, tip backwards toward your face to curl the tips into a 'C'. Lightly hold for 3 seconds.
    4. Apply Lasting Curl Mascara or Colossal Curl Mascara to lashes for superior hold!
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    Colossal Curl Mascara
    Colossal Curl Mascara
    Colossal Curl Mascara
    Colossal Curl Mascara
    Colossal Curl Mascara
    Colossal Curl Mascara
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    What They Say About Us

    Just got one! My lashes have never stayed curled for this long. It’s been over 24 hours and they haven’t dropped.

    Kristen K

    I will never stop using this.

    Rain C

    My eyelashes are literally PIN STRAIGHT. Not anymore!

    Tina D

    Game changer!

    Annie C

    My lashes literally curl backwards.

    Sarah T

    I am literally in love with your curler.

    Nadia S

    Just want to say OMG! My lashes have stayed curled all day. I’m gonna purchase another
    for my mum’s birthday in April!

    Lauren H

    Toss your old eyelash curlers. The C Curl is the BEST!