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The C Curl

The Curl Comb

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Separate lashes + no clumps

Why we want it:

The curved comb is designed to match the contour of your eye, with evenly distributed metal prongs that glide through your individual lashes.

How to use:

  • Comb from root to tip to separate lashes and avoid clumps of mascara.
  • Clean prongs from side to side (versus up and down) after use.
    The Curl Comb
    The Curl Comb
    The Curl Comb
    The Curl Comb
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    What They Say About Us

    Just got one! My lashes have never stayed curled for this long. It’s been over 24 hours and they haven’t dropped.

    Kristen K

    I will never stop using this.

    Rain C

    My eyelashes are literally PIN STRAIGHT. Not anymore!

    Tina D

    Game changer!

    Annie C

    My lashes literally curl backwards.

    Sarah T

    I am literally in love with your curler.

    Nadia S

    Just want to say OMG! My lashes have stayed curled all day. I’m gonna purchase another
    for my mum’s birthday in April!

    Lauren H

    Toss your old eyelash curlers. The C Curl is the BEST!